Who is Mark Lightfoot?

- Retired Saginaw Firefighter
- Longtime owner of Clare County's Swiss Inn
- U.S. Navy Veteran
- Earned 2 Associates degrees from Delta College
- Attended Saginaw Valley State University
- Avid hunter & outdoorsman
- Active member of St. Agnes Church
- Married for 37 years to wife, Lori
- Proud father and grandfather

Some of what I believe in

- Common good
- Leadership with the moral courage that matches your own
- Doing what is difficult, and what is right
- Restoring faith in the integrity and performance of government
- Alternative energy
- Fair trade, foreign markets as open as ours
- Protecting our farms and rural communities
- Protecting our land, water, air & open spaces
- Nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship & self employment
- Providing a sufficient, stable and fair tax system
- Eliminate pension tax and further protect pensions
- The right to feel protected in our communities
- Giving back to the community
- Elimination of wasteful spending in Government

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Mark Lightfoot

Get in touch

Interested in volunteering? or just learning more about the issues? email Mark here. You can also reach him by phone at 989-588-2316