Hi, I'm Mark Lightfoot

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I want to be your voice in Lansing, because I know what our community needs to succeed. Just like many Mid-Michigan residents, I've gone through layoffs and tough times as I raised my family, so I know what it means to earn every dollar and stretch it as far as it can go.

Politicians in Lansing are out of touch. Partisan politics are getting in the way of common-sense legislation. I know that with hard work and cooperation, we can rebuild Michigan’s middle class, provide our children with the best possible education and give our seniors the retirement they deserve.

We need a leaner, more efficient state government that lives within its means. I will work across the aisle to stop wasteful spending and focus on what really matters: creating and protecting jobs and keeping our families safe. As your state representative, I will end tax cuts to corporations that aren’t creating jobs, and bring support back to our small businesses.

I will work for us – the people of Mid-Michigan. I hope you will join me in taking back our state government and making it work for us.

- Mark

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Mark Lightfoot

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Interested in volunteering? or just learning more about the issues? email Mark here. You can also reach him by phone at 989-588-2316